About Us

Clinical Associates P.A. was founded in 1972 in Baltimore by four physicians seeking to create a modern patient-focused medical practice. From our first office at 1134 York Road staffed by six employees, we've grown to more than 60 physicians, specialists, and health care providers and 200 support staff in 7 locations in Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Today, we serve more than 219,000 patients annually, and our physicians and specialists have admitting rights to 20 health care facilities in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Clinical Associates is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of Dr. Gary Manko (Chief Medical Officer), Mr. Mike Foster (Chief Operating officer), Dr. Ronald Sher (Secretary), Dr. James Corkum (Gastroenterology), Dr. Albert Deloskey (Internist), Dr. Craig Gold (Internist), Dr. Elizabeth Loeb (Internist), Dr. Claudio Levin (Internist), Dr. Julie Winston (Otolaryngology) and Dr. Richard Scholz (Ophthalmologist). Dr. Judah Minkove (Internist) serves as Clinical Associates' Medical Advisory Committee chair

For additional information about Clinical Associates, please contact (410) FOR-CARE (410-367-2273) or e-mail information@clinical-md.com.