We're Here for You.

When it comes to care, we believe there’s only one thing you should be concerned with – staying healthy.

That’s why we offer you a variety of preventive health options. We take the complications out of coordinating with providers and we make sure we get our patients to the best specialists, regardless of what hospital system they’re part of. Call today to schedule an appointment, and find out how Clinical Associates is here for you.

All of our physicians are currently accepting new patients.
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After Hours Care & Daytime Acute Care Centers for Existing Patients
Illness doesn't understand office hours. If it did, fevers wouldn't peak in the middle of the night and coughs would only worsen during the day. To care for you during daytime, evening and weekend hours, we offer Daytime Acute Care Centers at all major locations and an After Hours Care facility located at our Woodholme office. Both centers are staffed by our Clinical Associates employees and on-call physicians who have access to your current medical records and will coordinate your care with your Clinical Associates primary care provider. 

For your convenience we now have an on line payment option.

For billing inquires or to pay your bill using our Automated Telephone Payment System, please call 443-933-4309.